Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now playing.....Love

Is there a place where real love exists?  The more meaningful love that comes after the first time u say it cause you know u more than like them.  Is there really a feeling that no matter what she does, I’ll accept it.  I already accept her, but do I love her beyond me?  Do I see her days past me with no judgment in my heart?  I see her and hope for such things.  I watch love on reels and wonder could I make it real.  I believe its possible, but them dam movies make it so interesting.  They're at the perfect location and sure you can do that in real life, but how could you manage the dam music and different camera  I want love like I need love.  Part of me have been waiting for love for years.  Just wake up next to eachother and stay in bed for a lil bit.  We both holding our pee, cause we don't wanna leave eachother.  And we slept with the window cracked so its freezing outside of these blankets.

For once in my life I want something Hollywood.  Yes...give me that Hollywood love.  Give me that driving down the coast in a drop-top with the wind blowing through my lady's hair.  Give me the rain scene with me in my trench coat waiting outside of my love's building.  Give me all of those Hollywood scenes with my fair cuts....straight action.  And no directors either.  And no cameramen.  Just us playing our supporting roles in the presence of love.  Now all I need is a date for the screening.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


pic by Ibe Soliman

You think you ready for what’s behind these doors? Nigga you think you could take that shit? This aint door #16 bruh. I hope u know that. You need some time to think about what youre about to do or you good? Oh you good nigga huh? Aint no good nigga shit back there tho….hope you know that again. Let me ask u something……what u doing round these parts anyway? What u had a bad night? What you mad about something? Oh they aint kick your ball over the fence, so now u think u ready to play in the big park…..with the big boys huh. I gotta tell ya, there's more wolves than boys tho. Teeth tear through flesh like it aint even there. But u ready tho…..hold on right there. I’ll be right back to let you in.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Artist Shine.....Jesse Boykins III

I wanna shed some light on a good artist friend of mine.  His name is Jesse Boykins III.  Soul singer from Miami, now living in Brooklyn.  I have featured some of his work on here before, but here are some new treats for ya…..
Interview by Tone


Uggs to Hugs – Kel Spencer feat JB3

Click on the link below to catch up on Jb3's remix to his latest album.....The Beauty Created
Jesse Boykins III

Thursday, November 5, 2009

100....shot by Ibe

In the words of Ibe....Another moving day, another video!!  This one is titled 100!!  Shout out to Ibe, Capri, Meezy, ...Chris Faust and Jay.

100 from Ibe on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Old Man........

So this old man was walking. Each step was inch by bothered me at first. He was directly in front of me with having no space on either side of him for me to pass. A few seconds or so later enough room had emerged and I was able to pass him. Although I was relieved to have passed the man, I felt this drowning emotion as I passed him. I immediately felt a sense of guilt, and quickly thought for something I could offer in exchange for normality. "Excuse me sir"...... He didn't mumble anything, he did not raise his head, in fact it was as if he hadn't even acknowledged my presence. I proceeded on my way, only to look back every 3 or 4 steps till I reached the corner where I was turning. I looked back once more. This time the man looked up at me. We locked eyes for what it seems like almost a minute. He didn't speak a word, but I know if he would of.....if he would of, he would have said...... Children of my brothers and sisters treat us as if we are unfamiliar. Yet we are family. Destined by greatness, granted the freewill to join in unison to create greatness. How have the eyes of plenty gone without this vision? I heard your distaste with me, not because of anything you said. Your existence told me all. But I don't blame you, so you can let down that cross you bare. Continue on with your life's journey, our paths are more similar than they appear today. Remember there is only one finish line.

And after he would have said that.......I would have replied......FUCK OFF!!! OLD MAN!!!!!

Where the fuck do they sell hard hats at.......

shot by Curtis Reese

They want you to man up.  Gotta show growth in this world.  What are you becoming if u haven't learned anything?  And its fuck the cool minority too. You know the ones that became your new majority.  You gotta surpass them niggas too.  Them niggas be cool in their own situations and that aint got nothing to do with you.  It aint even pressure if you think about it.  Cause the shit seem so easy every time u read about it.  With these blogs n twitter you can't tell me nothing.  I already see what it is.  When niggas said u gotta make ya own lane.  They did not mention u gotta find a location. map it out. break ground. actually create a paved road. then add the dam lines.  I gotta admit I came outside with a metrocard n found myself in the middle of nowhere.  A million things to do yet I ask myself what I'm gonna do now.  Life doesn't give time outs for its questions. So here I am.  I never made a skelzie board before but I think I'm gonna give this road thing a try.  Now…..where the fuck do they sell hard hats at…?

They Shooting....

I just had to grab my bag and run. It was definitely one of those moments where you hear about a room full of black folks running at the sight of a few others with no questions being asked, except we wasn't in a room. We were outside chilling in the middle of the projects talking about working out. Ironically our talk was put to the test faster than we had anticipated. The sound of "Yo they coming! They coming!" was more than enough motivation to spark that evening sprint. It didn't matter who "they" was, nor did it even matter who was saying it. From the glimpse that I had seen and from the start of brisk movement around me, I knew what this was. Unfortunately this wasn't my first time in this situation. And yes I am grateful for this knowledge, as there was no hesitation in my movements.

Upon hearing the warning screams and glancing over to where they were coming from, I seen the person doing the yelling and I also seen the guys running behind him. I turned back to grab my bag of laundry and proceeded to take off with the rest of my cohorts with each of us scattering off into different directions. I choose to run straight under the building path, across the street, and into building 8. A few others arrived at building 8 from different locations, as the word had quickly spread that "they" were coming". Things died down and I walked over to a "safe zone" where I'd seen others began to regroup. As I mentioned before, this was not my first time and definitely wasn't the first for others who was around me. We kinda joked about it for a lil......that’s how we deal with a lot of our issues. Try and make the best of out the situation.

I got the low-down on what happened and it was the typical case of rival beef. They had seen one guy from my way and chased him back with guns drawn. No one was hurt this time, and this will definitely decrease my in the middle of the projects chilling, but for so many others this was just another 7:30 pm on a Monday night. The story stays the same minus the details. There should be a town hall meeting or something, but then again.......they shooting.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I aint the only one ready to change....

No Title......just real talk...

Alright now.....this ish has gotten out of hand.  I don't know if its because their daddys left them or what, but these rappers really believe that who ever signs them becomes the new daddy.  These rappers are starting to piss me off.  I listened to Beanie Siegel diss record towards Hov.  I'm not putting that nonsence on here, so yall gonna have to do your own due diligence on that one.  Its just sad.  These over 30 rappers with families to support have no real love for the game.  I'm starting to think Nas was right more and more these Hip Hop dead?  I don't know how you could say fuck a man publicly through song and then say its not a diss.  Jay Z is the reason why I even know Bean's name in the 1st place.  It also kills me how rappers get mad at their bosses for not coming to see them in jail.  I promise they didn't have that same attitude towards their white bosses at their "regular" jobs.  My momma told me a long time ago, she does not do jail.  If I....I wish "I" had more letters so I cud specify it more but ok....If I did whatever crime to get behind bars, then the only person I can blame is the first person I see when I look in the mirror.  And on top of that Beans did a year and a day.  You talk all this gangster talk, a year should have been a cake-walk for you.
It really gets to me, because when I walk around my hood, these are the people who my young brothers look up to and lifestyles they imitate.  And then they not even real.  How are you a real man, talking bout there’s stuff that you could tell B that will make her look at you different right now (referring to a line in the song).  It’s wack man.  These rappers have fucked up society.  And of course Im not referring to all rappers, but yes the majority.  I watched the BET Hip Hop Awards in disgust.   How can we support that garbage?  A bunch of buffoons jumping around on stage with cheap ass jewelry on.  How I know, because at every award show somebody’s medallion falls off or their chain pops.  This time it was Plies.   

I don’t know what we’re gonna do, but this has got to change.  Im not getting Bill Cosby on my brothers, but I can not get with people who will go to the death for something negative, but wont turn a cheek for something positive any longer.  And I have friends that I know from child-hood…..we gonna start knowing less and less of each other.  If you aint about change, then you about the same, and I’ve been big on progression.  Its time I start doing my part to add to it.  Its really about time we all start doing our part.  Not like Spike Lee calling Tyler Perry’s movies coonery.  Im talking becoming the 1st Black President kind of moving…..cause a lot of us have forgotten how we felt in November.  And here we are knocking on November’s door again.  This aint the time for amnesia!  And everybody don’t have to be a leader… fact we need more followers.  We need more followers for education.  We need more followers for peace.  We need more followers for love.  We need more followers for God.  We need more followers for us.  I don’t know how much time we got left here on earth but I have a niece and a nephew who deserve to live in a great world.  Im gonna have children who deserve to see the best of us.  I’ll work overtime today, so that they could see that tomorrow.  Obama has been talking about change for over a year now.  We all heard it…..lets start doing it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In a Hum Drum town.....

This was a great night!!  I didnt even know TL hit the (1:31). Hum Drum will be the next released single.

Here is footage of Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III performing Hum Drum at SOBs for CMJ Week...

more on Theophilus London
more on Jesse Boykins III

My Friend......

I watched this old man leave his wife. You could tell it was one of those married over 40 years type of ordeals.  I don't know what happened.  I that point what's the point of leaving?  Seeing her withered face rise above tears was one of the most sadden sights I ever witnessed.  All she kept saying was why......why…...why.  He didn't utter a word except for excuse me as he went back inside the apartment to retrieve another suitcase.  Not knowing the full story, I felt it didn't matter.  She did not deserve this heartache.  She survived this crazy world to get where she's at to only experience what many half her age go through.  He was not dying,no....he was killing her, walking out of her life.  She removed her glasses as she couldn't control the tears any longer.  I wanted to do something but what?  Should I try and stop him?  Should I just hand her a tissue and mind my business?  The bible says we are all God's children, so I looked at her as my sister.  And as he walked through those apartment building doors and she collapsed to the floor, I ran to help her up.  I gave her that tissue and told don't need a man in your need a friend.  Hi my name is Taurean.  She wiped some tears away and responded Claudette, nice to meet you.

Claudette and I have been friends for quite some time now.  I often visit her and we even attend church service together here and there.  Ill never forget the day I met Claudette, but our many days after that day are what's most dear to me.  I have found a great friend in a loving sister.....bless the Lord.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Each One Teach One......

Im gonna start a topic called "Each One Teach One". It will be different articles, videos, etc that I find interesting and would like to share with you guys. This one was a good read by Chuck Prophet titled, What I know now I wish I knew when I was getting started in the music business. I enjoyed it and hope you do too.

What I know now I wish knew when I was getting started in the music business

as seen on

My letter to Theophilus London....

I wrote this after the Santos show....the one before CMJ.  Guess this is a good time to share it.....

Whatever zone or realm you enter, it is as if I am right there with you. Your energy and presence on stage removes the locks from the doors where you choose to dwell.  For that moment you are on stage, I am allowed access to a place where only the moment exists....outside of beings.  I often close my eyes during your performances to catch glimpses of this place, but it is limited in vision.....Mostly felt in emotion.  I can't explain and it doesn't matter why, but while you're on stage it makes sense.

To reach a point where nothing matters even time is the true essence of a connection.  And you make that......with every presence.....with no wrong existing, only existence.  Continue my brother.  Your music already creates an interaction outside of physical we have connected more than you can understand.  I'm appreciative of my conscious life's timing to be blessed in your conscious life's existence.

....blakcars in 1 lane

Proof.....eyes closed im searching for that place...


Rays of Sun......

photo by  Elizabeth Allen

Sometimes the sun's rays are reflections of our love. No matter where we are on this earth....I'm with you. I can touch you and you feel me. You feel my warmth engulf in your soul. I touch your skin then make my way within. I travel to your heart.....cause that's where the love is. I relax here. I sit and talk here. I speak words of emotion into existence here. You say I make you love me here. I say you make it easy. I pray here. I speak to the Gods of love and thank them for their glorious feat here. Only such could create what we honor. What we adore......what we

When I'm alone and I close my eyes, with the thoughts of you I soar through the clouds. I don't have my hands out like Superman or anything. In fact my body kind of contracts in. And my head tilts back. All I see is you. Its so powerful.....a world full of activity couldn't distract me. Here in these clouds I profess my existence to you and my love shines through. I want the heavens to acknowledge the results of their love. We are blessed. We are warm. We are our rays of sun.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Mercedes Benz...

photo by Curtis Reese

Talk bout baggage.  But u better not be talking bout me.  My ish is ight.  Don't be passing judgment beloved.  You should have heard me this morning.  I told this here cart it’s gonna turn into a mansion.  And I told this blue crate, it’s gonna be a blue Mercedes.  I was talking loud too.  People were looking as usual but this one man approached me.  He made me promise him to take him for a spin once I got the Benz.  Now I don't know how I'm gonna find that man, for I've been in these streets for years and this was my first time meeting him.  I spoke of this man to a friend of mine and he asked me did the fellow laugh while talking to me.....most certainly not!  He spoke as if he believed in what I was saying as much as I did.  I thanked him before he took off.  The more faith the better is the way I looked at it.  Especially since I told that purple cushion, she's gonna be a gorgeous, beautiful, traffic-stopping, bombshell.  Hey I've been alone for many days, but today I declare my tomorrow.  Today I have put action to my faith.  Don't be afraid to do the same.  Speak into existence what has been created for you.  Know you're worth then declare it! And if nothings pans out, I’ll give you a brand new blue Mercedes Benz.....

He may be on to something with these......

Affion Crockett is a bad motherfucker!!  and he's funny too!


New Super-Group featuring Theophilus London, Mark Ronson, and Sam Sparro has released their single "Soles of Fire".  The single is to commemorate Gucci’s Icon-Temporary pop-up stores which will feature their new boat shoes designed by Mark Ronson.

Get Soles of Fire HERE

Also here is some footage of Chauffeur debuting "Soles of Fire"

as seen on We stole the show

SwaggerDap's This Charming Pic of The Day.......

My good folks at SwaggerDap and their pics of the day have been bringing smiles for a lil minute now.  Here is no different.  John from SwaggerDap also has this hilarious pic of him eating cereal.  Im dieing to put some words to that image....coming soon!

Powder Room.....

Ibe has done it again!!  This time he left the guys out and kept the ladies to himself.  The music is all Ibe.  I told him to send me the instrumental....think we're gonna turn this into a full song.  What do u think??

Powder Room from Ibe on Vimeo.

as seen on MrSoliman.blogspot

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Benches.....

photo by Briian Dargon
I could picture you now.  Standing there looking at the empty benches.  It strikes a cord, because this is our place.  You're so familiar with the sight of me being here before your eyes.  Must be a bitch alone with pride right now.  I tried to tell you 3 was a crowd.  But you know.....can't tell you nothing.  So I’ll show you.  Cause you know what empty benches mean.  I can no longer sit on these not in your heart.  The same feelings that have brought me to these benches are the same why I'm gone.

The pain from my heart daggers countless emotions into my brain.  The rational is.........fear of being lonely.  I shed a tear.  I know you don't know but I sat at these benches for hours before leaving for the final time.  I vast in the moments that you now visit. I know you wanna blame me, but how could you blame me?  You walk left in opposition to me, then say I aint walking right.  How is that?  Listen to yourself, say aloud shut the fuck up and then listen to me.  What we had is no more.  You thought that this was the only bench in the world and acted accordingly.  I received the worst out of the situation and acted accordingly.  Google the world's best parks if you're trying to find me.  I'm on a great walk.....and I'm sure I’ll find the right bench to sit on when I get too tired to continue.  Until then.....fuck sitting down on a dam bench.

City Lights....

 photo by Briian Dargon

I walk these streets coasting to my own tune. I lead my own horn section. My brass is outdated. My shoes don't shine. But I light up this here city. It is my tune that enables your vision tonight. You don't walk to the beat from a speaker. You walk to the sounds of me. I light this city tonight! Now you like this city tonight. You say there's no place like my sound has boundary. Tell me where does talent live? What's the address on creativity? I'm a Taurus you know my name. Birds don't chirp ova here, they listen. You should do the same.

No home for The Bacon....

photo by Briian Dargon

Rough life what you know about it.  Because u walk by it.  Cause you sit on the train and watch it as it passes you.  Oh you gave so you know now.  Before you say yes, I'm gonna tell you no now.  My life's belongings are in the same bags you throw your trash in.  Help me believe shit is worth it.  I wear skullies n jackets in the summer time.  Hopefully ill pass out.  Call that buying time, but I spent the nickels you gave already.  See how time gets back what you gave already.  So don't ever think you know my life.  Yea you giving and they taking.  America the beautiful......but no home for the bacon.


photo by Briian Dargon

Fresh...niggas can't stop me I'm fresh.  Look at my dress.  And if there's a woman with me, then nigga look at her dress.  We come to impress.  Don't say a word, but let me suggest.  We are the best.  There was no contest.  We payed the refs.  Dressed them in fresh.  So they play correct.  All in the name and honor of FRESH!


 photo by blakcars

Fun.....I laugh at you. You share the funny with me. Mirrored actions keep me at bay. I more than enjoy this shit. Moments are only moments, yet I feel this to the core. I don't even know what tomorrow brings. I don't even care what tomorrow brings. Today everyday is fine with me. You think you fine with me? Yet. You think you cool with me? You think you know me? You think you like the way we talk? The way we dance? You like that groove? Let's repeat that tune. Hold hands. Kiss with closed eyes and let that moment take that vision. Eat on soft floors. Talk no more. Make sure there are locked doors. Release from fabrics. Tilt that air. Let me join you. Let me in you as you. For that time I am no more. Who are you but we in this moment? Who am I but we in this time? Who cares what to call what has now become. Plenum.

Friday, October 16, 2009

2nd Floor....a film by Ibe

Ibe is just a creative monster. Im just glad its is more "Where the Wild Things Are" than "Nightmare on Elm Street".

During a hardworking day of helping Ibe move, we found time to create. There's always time to CREATE!

2nd Floor from Ibe on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Moment......smh

Growing up through life without a blueprint except for The Blueprint 1, 2, and now 3 aint easy.  I second guess lessons like I aint write the lesson plans for it.  I just be looking for a guarantee in an indefinite world.  And plus those aint my blueprints anyway.  My brother last name Carter...not mine.  So yes this is my admittance to not knowing it all.  No I didn't trip you, but I still didn't prevent the fall.  We spoke recently about it.  You said your leg don't hurt but your heart do.  I don't feel worthy of a man to stand next to you.  I think back to laying next to you.  Looking in your eyes.  Taking in that feeling and you know what I'm talking about.  Deeper than being on top of you. Or on the side of you.  And yes deeper than being in back of you.  I felt it while you was upstairs and I was in the courtyard.  You had a different view so I just picked one of the many Rs and imagined it was yours.

Recent days feel like ages ago since these current events.  Wondering how I'm gonna face you cross my mind but shit I don't even know if you wanna see me.  Part of me wishes this was TV, at least ill have a week till the next episode.  But without asking I know thursdays are now on hold.  Or shit...cancelled forever for all I know.  All I know is that I never meant for any of this to happen.  I was just following true emotions.  Never thinking that I would fuck up the moment.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nothing to Say........

Silence.....there's nothing I can say to you now. Regardless of feelings. And honestly no disrespect to yours, although in opposition to mine. And please don't flip my words and try and make em negative. I aint the bad guy. I should just "lol" after statements to make it all good. I really don't want to say anything. I'm not a fan of drama. Let me just do what I have to do to get some space in this situation. Just a lil space for me and I'm out this bitch. If I was suppose to stay I would be but bitch......

See now I'm mad. Forgive the word bitch, the feelings are real. Paint your picture, they're your brushes, but fuck your picture. That's how you picture me? That shit aint real. Color me red? Shrink my heart? I should of been heartless. Then you paint a dog's head on top of my shoulders. Is that my reward for being with a bitch? And what type of scenery is that? So dark. You aint seen a dark day with me outside of a storm. Is it my fault we can't communicate anymore......Fuck anymore? That was from the first night. Don't tell me I'm obsessed, listen I'm familiar. You the one been here 20-sumthing years acting brand new.

I told you, but you only hear what you wish I say. I aint never really like your choice of words anyway. But you smiled when you seen me. I seen the goodness of a soul for another.....and that other was me. It was a selfless attraction to me and I reciprocated the emotions. I'm more mirror than animal, but that aint what's spoken about me these days. You speak ill thoughts of me into the universe and expect the world to recreate your prince charming. That nigga is still the same whoever and where ever he/she may be. I've been the same being who u saw a glimpse of escape in. You wanted weeklies and dailies, and I was barely a few monthlies with the right travels. The right travels, not your travels. And not even mine. If there's one thing I hope you get out of this, its shit just is. You can't shine it, nor make it smell good. And just because it came out of you does not make it acceptable with me. That's your shit. I try to keep my shit in the toilet.....u do the same. Here's some air.........freshener

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


*i wrote this the night of the VMAs.......
Real recognize and u lookin familiar.  By now people should know I'm riding with Kanye on this one.  It wasn't the best shit he cud of done, but he's got a point.  He didn't steal her moment.  She's up there talkin bout she sings country, while the song is pop as hell.  She is another manufactured pop moment. And she is 19, which means she is a grown ass woman.  Running backstage to cry over your VMA moment....FOH.  I rather cry for the lil girls who'll never get a record deal cause the labels only sign recreations of fake pop shit like Taylor.

When u deal with true artists and u put them in the same circles as "pop" stars, then wanna place them over the true artists, what the hell do u expect?  Its like being at a HS talent show and over and over they reward these half ass talents over true art.  Somebody is bound to say something.  Everybody pointing their finger at Kanye cause its easy to point the finger at the black man.  There is a deeper problem going on.  As real artists start to understand that these corporations aint shit, more and more people will start backlashing.

Fuck kanye ova Taylor Swift?  No fuck you Taylor Swift and the Viacom horse u rode in on.  People liked the song.  Fuck that…people like Milli Vanilli too.

Crazy that shit like this still goes on today....

When I see things like this, it definitely brings me back to a humble place.  There are alot of things that I  complain about, but my freedom is not one of them.  And to have your freedom taken away from you for killing your oppressor is one hard pill to swallow.  Sarah Kruzan has been swallowing her pill since she was 16.  At 29 sentenced to life without parole, theres a long road ahead of her before she can be done with that pill.  This shit really sucks.  Welcome to fucking America, where we kill em slowly while theyre still kids.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This aint the morning....that's the sun going down. This is the beauty before the beast. Wondering who's gonna be Belle tonight. Man I live in the hood hope there aint another Sean Bell tonight. Cops suppose to be ya friend, that aint no friend of me. More like an enemy. Oh I'm wrong, well then call em my frenemy....word to Jimmy. I swear yall don't understand the young black man's plight. I been stopped wearing baggy jeans. But now the thugs wear em tight....I still aint ight. Even the ones with the glasses only see one brother. And it aint just them, I heard some ol heads talking down on us too....word to mother. Speaking this and that about our we aint the future they the ones we replacing. Want credit but don't wanna give respect and vice-versa. Your lessons are our lessons and remember....vice-versa. Your pride done aged into a mule......jackass. Am I trying to be funny? Why ask? Bet you thinking I'm a smart ass.....You're right. But I'm so much more than that if you got to know me. I'm creative..funny..and can do anything if you just show me. We don't have to run these parallel lines across from each other. Ill turn right here, if you could turn left for a brother. Not look down but uplift your lil brother. Think about how proud we'll make our mother. Whoever that may be....but the point is we're family. Don't blood run through your veins like mine. You blink like I do....two of the same kind. They say is love is love and that's real with no signed paper. I'm living Generation Now....we fell in love with our neighbors.

..pic by blakcars

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Print.....Comic Books Unlimited.....

Print has released his latest creation for the masses....Comic Books Unlimited. I had the chance to listen to it earlier......dopeness.

Yea Im biased....Unlimited & Ridin High feat. Capri are my favorites....hahahaha

Shout out to Ibe for producing those bangers......
And shout out to Print for putting such a dope collection together....

Get the mixtape HERE

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picture That.........

Its crazy cause it'll hurt me to be mad at you right now. You pull and push at the same time like I aint human. Babe that’s all I am is a human. Then im a man. Then Im a traveled man. I have been on this road for 24 years and I know it aint easy to understand that. I just need a thought on it. Just ponder my path when you blaming me for not being on yours. We established conversation with the topic being our foundation, and you tell me you aint my shorty. Picture that….literallly…you could relate. I aint asking you to be my shorty. You could keep your legs closed. Just don’t cover that heart. And I know I can be pushing it with the heart, cause the heart is real. And that’s all I was trying to say before. I know “I don’t like restrictions and rules” came out, but your heart should of got what I was really trying to say. Don’t sign off on me, we’re worth more than that. Honestly I told myself to just leave it alone, but im at work and it’s a quarter after eight, Donell Jones comes on and you run across my peripheral. Who am I to disregard your existence? So I started writing and talking to myself aloud. It kinda feels like im talking to you, even though youre no where around and probably not even thinking about Taurean. Maybe you did think about Taurean. Unfortunately only time will tell.........

Ibe & Print.........

Glad we just caught the album. The homey Print got up with Ibe and in 2 days recorded 2 bangers for the Comic Books Unlimited album. Comic Books Unlimited will be out April 13th.

Here is some footage of the process.....

And yes Print will also be on The Generation Now Album.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love in the Rain..........

Let's run in the rain.....down a quiet street....on a beautiful night. Let's just run....I don't care where, and it doesn't matter. Just running alongside you would be great. I wish us to hold hands and dismiss any opposing thoughts to our presence. Just smile and run through the drops. Our hearts will be full and yes, our clothes soaked but so what. Imagine a sweet tune in your head. This would be so refreshing.....

Do you wish to join me? Please agree. After I promise we can dry off and return to society's living. I don't know why this thought has come into my head but I do not wish to ignore it. It must be for a reason. It just must....... Give me your hand. The shower outside is just as warm as the bathrooms. As we go I pause and think to myself for a sec......and I grin 1000 men's happiness. All thanks to you......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just me.......

I am just me. Though I may dabble here and there, I can and will only be me. Don't just accept me. You have a choice, and its cool if you choose not to. Just don't bullshit. Don't call my name then look the other way as if I'm bugging out. I know what I heard. I am just me and that's all I can ever be. Check out my palm. My lines are unique to the core. I have not followed outside of twitter which adds to my uniqueness. Appreciate what you like about me. Help me grow with your talents, if you choose to get that close……

This place wants to force me into a shell. I don't even eat crawfish though. I just want mashed potatoes. My attempts at strength building are downed by the masses. The average never wanna see you supersede them, but they'll still support u if you're dope enough. Life here is a question and you'll never know the answer. This is why one must just live. Disregard the baby on the side of the road....maintain your focus. Look beyond them as you pass them by in the street. Try ya best not to look them in the eye, unless you feel they're worth it. If it turns out they weren't, its cool. Life is also about lessons....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While listening to Jade.....

I wrote this while listening to Jade's "Sometimes You Cant Say Enough"...Her EP is available April 1st @ &

In the rays of this sunlight I think of you. I imagine you lying next to me in this field. The grass is green, the birds are chirping, the breeze is light, and my heart is full. I’m speaking aloud….there’s not another human soul for miles. I’m sure you can hear me. Would you like to take a walk? There’s this beautiful tree not too far from here. It sits along a cliff and the view is amazing. We can watch the sunset. I have brought along fruit and wine. Your favorites…..peaches, strawberries, and pineapples. I got them from a great market on the way here. The owner was pleasant; he even threw in the Pinot Grigio at no cost. I’m gonna chop the fruit up and feed em to you. Take a napkin and whip your lips. I love the way the wind blows in your hair. You look like a Goddess. I am your follower. Direct me as you wish…..

I really wish you could taste this fruit. The strawberries are so sweet……and these things are huge lol. I know you would love them. Love… times things get difficult for me without you. I try to walk in the right directions, but I never know for sure. You were my concrete and now without you I’m wet. Wet left to world to take shape as they please. And baby you know how the world can be. They don’t know, so they don’t do. If it wasn’t for the thought of you, I wonder… could I…..or why would I… There’s the sunset babe….. I….want to….join….you…..

L.I.P.S. is here.........


(New York, NY April 1, 2009)

Loft Boys Media announces
L.I.P.S. the debut project of Producer Singer-Songwriter known as – Raye 6.

Spending the last several years recording and touring around the world,
L.I.P.S. (Love Is Powerfully Sexy) is the seductive siren’s first complete body of work.
Raye 6 is known for her action packed sexually charged live performances full of Roses and Beautiful Ladies blowing Bubbles. Featuring her crews The Haters of Love and The Bubble Girls.
“I let people into my world every time they see me perform. It's time for them to have me in their headphones and homes. That's why I’m releasing the L.I.P.S. mixtape - so the people that love me can have something to take with them.”
Mixed by Brooklyn’s own Dj Victorious (Draft Pick Dj’s), L.I.P.S. is a soundscape which proved to be a perfect ode to the classic songs of Soul, Rock, Pop and Hip Hop as well as to the artists who created them. L.I.P.S. features ten seamlessly blended duets where Raye 6 pays her respect to great music and musicians in her own voice...and lyrics. “ If I were in the studio with Roberta Flack, Rakim, Nas, Prince, Kanye & The Roots this is what it would sound like. More frankly -I'm feeling the shit out of these songs so let me add on to them!”.

Each song on L.I.P.S. was arranged & recorded by the artist herself and came in clusters of five. she explains: “I recorded them on a laptop in a little bedroom in Maryland while on the road. The first five took four days – the other five came to me right afterwards - but in reality, I’ve been singing my own words to these songs since I heard them – some of them for my whole life! When I decided to do an actual Mix tape it came together in a matter of days. Once DJ Victorious was able to learn my language I learned that he could read minds! Every blend and interlude was something he snatched out of my past and attached to the songs without me having to say a word. It's rare to find someone you can trust to shape your sound. I'm not easily satisfied when it comes to collaborations but DJ Victorious made me believe!

Raye 6 is not afraid to be anyone she wants to be. L.I.P.S. gives you a glimpse at the tools that sculpted her into the artist, songstress and starlet she is.
It’s full of Pain, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and of course, Sex.
No matter what it is you are missing – Raye 6 fills the void. You know what we mean.
So listen, laugh, screw and don’t worry - she wont bite – unless you want her to.
Love Is Powerfully Sexy

The ultimate uninhibited Raye 6 experience She Looks Like Fun (Lp) is forthcoming.

For all media inquiries and press requests please contact Biz at

The download link is:

Last Week I Watched a Rockstar Fuck Her Audience.........

Last week I watched a rockstar fuck her audience. She literally made all of us all cum. And she was not alone either. She was accompanied by her two "bubble girls"..... definitely bubbly. I was one of the first to see the ladies as I was outside when they rolled up. I greeted Raye and told her I was excited to see the new set. Yea this was not my first night with the rockstar. Remember "Last Night I.......". She looked so stunning, even being all covered up in her overcoat. She is exactly what sexy is in 2009. Don't fuck with it if you can't handle it......

The ladies walked through us as they made their way to the stage. As I looked around at all of the turned on faces, I couldn't help but notice all of the women present. I watched nipples peculate. Lips being bit. Sweat and other moist secretions be created. I love the cross gender affection of our generation. There is nothing sexier than the essence of a sexy woman being sexy.

They begin.....we are all turned on. Most become jealous as one of us is chosen to part take in the foursome live on stage. Raye 6 does not do shows.....she creates experiences. As Raye's voice controls the air, we float deeper and deeper into her seduction. The Gods have blessed her with their sound. Our souls are bound to her voice. It is a helpless force once to the control over it.....absolutely nothing you can do about're helpless.....who's complaining......?

The night continues and at this point we are all engulfed in each other. Sexual seduction is at a peak.....tonight does not have to be over, but this show is coming to an end. An end only due to a new beginning for her virgins. You should definitely come join satisfaction. Bad is the new good, she'll prove it. Leave all of your inhibitions with tradition. This is that new shit. Her name is Raye 6. Come fucke with protection....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

While listening to Ibe's latest beat..........

Who is it that determines success… it you? No. Repeat after me……ME. I determine. If I left it to niggas they would never respond to first email. I have to be a persistent bastard. I ask my dad for advice. He’s always right, but he’s also in his late 40s. He couldn’t get Theophilus more than he could spell it. But like I said he’s right. Im just left. Friends I grew up with all I say I left. I still live in The Bronx, how far have I gone. That’s just the physical though. Mentally…I’ve been gone. Nigga we could tape our separate conversations for 2 weeks and not have one thing that we both said match. Don’t blame me. Blame existence. That’s all I’m doing….existing……

I put my heart on my sleeve and my mind in my wallet. Some get to toy with it. They see it there and cant believe its so visible. They think im different for it. I am different, but it aint because of that. They play with my heart and I allow it…..hoping for something. Something to take it off my sleeve and place it next to theirs……but. No one does that. They see it lying there and they grab it and throw it and catch it. Its crazy….they think my heart is a bouncing ball. I allow it till play time is over. When that happens, they usually get mad. They say I’ve changed. No….my brain just came out of my wallet. Now it is your loss. You fucking mistake a heart for a bouncing ball. Idiot. Now leave…….

This physical shit is irrelevant. Skin dies and re-grows. You’ll never speak the same of your soul. I am so pissed with bullshit. And I am the Taurus. Taurean is what she wanted us to call me. I have no complaints, but it does get annoying repeating the same word over and over to the guy saying Toreen. If my name was Toreen, I would of said Toreen. But no you heard Taurean. Address me as such. Is there a place where there is no you or me….and just us……we….them…..I hope…..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Once Upon a Time In America: Sean John Combs.....

Great interview with Sean John Combs. This is not your average Q & A for some major publication. Barry Michael Cooper…writer of New Jack City, appreciates and understands something different about Puff. He looks at the man behind all of the titles and accomplishments. BMC goes into the man….the process…..the thoughts….the ideas. We are able to witness Puff outside of Viacom and it is very interesting…….

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Anyone who knows me….well anyone who knows me on a personal-business level. Dam its funny….as I write this I realize that there are so many people that are close to me, yet don’t know the real me. And as I’ve been meeting and connecting with people, I feel like they have a better sense of who I am as oppose to some of the people who have known me for years. It’s funny and it’s not funny. I have had some let’s just say interesting moments in time wondering why this is or wishing it was different. Ok back on…lol. With dealing with anything, from music, writing, modeling, sex, and mostly anything else I am involved in,I am so into the emotional aspect of it. If you can reach someone’s emotions then you made that connection. And I’m all about that connection. You can sing ya ass off, but if you can’t connect with an audience, then what are you doing?

I say this to say that I have come across an amazing female. Her name is Shyvonne. I have known Shyvonne for a minute through working with Mickey Factz and seeing her around at events here and there. I knew she could sing and wanted to fuck with her (not like that, although she is dope as hell and I wouldn’t mind….), but this video of her singing Gnarls Barkley’s CRAZY……smfh. In the video, which is dated Sept 25, 08, she is singing through a video camera. This is not a studio rendition recreated and mastered. This is just her, Melo-X the God, and pure passion. I have wiped tears from my eyes listening to this. Shyvonne is the epitome of a soulful, passionate voicestress. Listen to her and don’t be afraid to join in her emotions. Just let go and vibe out…….

Gen Now Event....Tonight...

Raye 6, A-Alikes & Megabone

March 17th @ FAT BABY
112 Rivington
Manhattan,New York

Doors 8:30pm
Showtime 9:30 pm
$6 cover

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pianist........

wrote this while watching the beginnings of The Pianist.....

My heart romps with fear of love. For to love anyone during this wretched time is God awful. You asked a man in a wheelchair to stand and when he didn't you tossed him out of a window. Told his family to run off and then you shot them down with your machine guns. I watched a man attempt to rob a woman of her food. In the tussle it fell to the floor....he jumped to the ground and began eating it from the pavement. She wept and beat him with what lil energy she had left from the tussling. We walk over dead bodies in the street on a daily basis. And with this all we still try to keep our hopes and spirits. Some of us even have plans on getting out, if there ever really is a getting out. I watched them go from building to building until they finally came to mine. They killed one woman that night. She asked him where were they taking us……

We are all set out awaiting in the hot sun.....for what, we do not know. But a woman did carry her dead son around who died of dehydration. After some time her cries became annoying to some. We're as used to pain and death as this sun. For breakfast and lunch and hopefully not dinner we eat a piece of sliced caramel. Today the train came. They forced them into cattle-like cars. I did not experience this; I only witnessed it, as I did not get on the train. I went back to town only to find everyone left was slaughtered. I was chosen to be a part of the militia. Have you ever watched the lives of souls being taken one by one and wonder what does the next guy feel, or what about the last guy who gets to wait for the reload. I am free, yet we are at war.......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Saddens Me....

Since my heart cant love you. My mind tells me to hate you. My body plays the middleman. It gets pulled this and that way. But never your way. You just stand there watching. I hear what you say. But then I watch you as you leave. My mind becomes stronger. My heart becomes heavy. And I lay there. You don’t want what you say you do. It never shows. It doesn’t exist. I no longer hear you at this point. I see you smile. Smiling is a sign of happiness. Are you happy? Have I brought joy to your days? Or is it what I have done that brings you joy? This saddens me……