Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Old Man........

So this old man was walking. Each step was inch by bothered me at first. He was directly in front of me with having no space on either side of him for me to pass. A few seconds or so later enough room had emerged and I was able to pass him. Although I was relieved to have passed the man, I felt this drowning emotion as I passed him. I immediately felt a sense of guilt, and quickly thought for something I could offer in exchange for normality. "Excuse me sir"...... He didn't mumble anything, he did not raise his head, in fact it was as if he hadn't even acknowledged my presence. I proceeded on my way, only to look back every 3 or 4 steps till I reached the corner where I was turning. I looked back once more. This time the man looked up at me. We locked eyes for what it seems like almost a minute. He didn't speak a word, but I know if he would of.....if he would of, he would have said...... Children of my brothers and sisters treat us as if we are unfamiliar. Yet we are family. Destined by greatness, granted the freewill to join in unison to create greatness. How have the eyes of plenty gone without this vision? I heard your distaste with me, not because of anything you said. Your existence told me all. But I don't blame you, so you can let down that cross you bare. Continue on with your life's journey, our paths are more similar than they appear today. Remember there is only one finish line.

And after he would have said that.......I would have replied......FUCK OFF!!! OLD MAN!!!!!

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