Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While listening to Jade.....

I wrote this while listening to Jade's "Sometimes You Cant Say Enough"...Her EP is available April 1st @ myspace.com/jadeismusic & wetnotdry.blogspot.com

In the rays of this sunlight I think of you. I imagine you lying next to me in this field. The grass is green, the birds are chirping, the breeze is light, and my heart is full. I’m speaking aloud….there’s not another human soul for miles. I’m sure you can hear me. Would you like to take a walk? There’s this beautiful tree not too far from here. It sits along a cliff and the view is amazing. We can watch the sunset. I have brought along fruit and wine. Your favorites…..peaches, strawberries, and pineapples. I got them from a great market on the way here. The owner was pleasant; he even threw in the Pinot Grigio at no cost. I’m gonna chop the fruit up and feed em to you. Take a napkin and whip your lips. I love the way the wind blows in your hair. You look like a Goddess. I am your follower. Direct me as you wish…..

I really wish you could taste this fruit. The strawberries are so sweet……and these things are huge lol. I know you would love them. Love…..at times things get difficult for me without you. I try to walk in the right directions, but I never know for sure. You were my concrete and now without you I’m wet. Wet left to world to take shape as they please. And baby you know how the world can be. They don’t know, so they don’t do. If it wasn’t for the thought of you, I wonder…..how could I…..or why would I… There’s the sunset babe….. I….want to….join….you…..

L.I.P.S. is here.........


(New York, NY April 1, 2009)

Loft Boys Media announces
L.I.P.S. the debut project of Producer Singer-Songwriter known as – Raye 6.

Spending the last several years recording and touring around the world,
L.I.P.S. (Love Is Powerfully Sexy) is the seductive siren’s first complete body of work.
Raye 6 is known for her action packed sexually charged live performances full of Roses and Beautiful Ladies blowing Bubbles. Featuring her crews The Haters of Love and The Bubble Girls.
“I let people into my world every time they see me perform. It's time for them to have me in their headphones and homes. That's why I’m releasing the L.I.P.S. mixtape - so the people that love me can have something to take with them.”
Mixed by Brooklyn’s own Dj Victorious (Draft Pick Dj’s), L.I.P.S. is a soundscape which proved to be a perfect ode to the classic songs of Soul, Rock, Pop and Hip Hop as well as to the artists who created them. L.I.P.S. features ten seamlessly blended duets where Raye 6 pays her respect to great music and musicians in her own voice...and lyrics. “ If I were in the studio with Roberta Flack, Rakim, Nas, Prince, Kanye & The Roots this is what it would sound like. More frankly -I'm feeling the shit out of these songs so let me add on to them!”.

Each song on L.I.P.S. was arranged & recorded by the artist herself and came in clusters of five. she explains: “I recorded them on a laptop in a little bedroom in Maryland while on the road. The first five took four days – the other five came to me right afterwards - but in reality, I’ve been singing my own words to these songs since I heard them – some of them for my whole life! When I decided to do an actual Mix tape it came together in a matter of days. Once DJ Victorious was able to learn my language I learned that he could read minds! Every blend and interlude was something he snatched out of my past and attached to the songs without me having to say a word. It's rare to find someone you can trust to shape your sound. I'm not easily satisfied when it comes to collaborations but DJ Victorious made me believe!

Raye 6 is not afraid to be anyone she wants to be. L.I.P.S. gives you a glimpse at the tools that sculpted her into the artist, songstress and starlet she is.
It’s full of Pain, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and of course, Sex.
No matter what it is you are missing – Raye 6 fills the void. You know what we mean.
So listen, laugh, screw and don’t worry - she wont bite – unless you want her to.
Love Is Powerfully Sexy

The ultimate uninhibited Raye 6 experience She Looks Like Fun (Lp) is forthcoming.

For all media inquiries and press requests please contact Biz at biznessmgmt@gmail.com.

The download link is: http://sharebee.com/0e473362

Last Week I Watched a Rockstar Fuck Her Audience.........

Last week I watched a rockstar fuck her audience. She literally made all of us all cum. And she was not alone either. She was accompanied by her two "bubble girls"..... definitely bubbly. I was one of the first to see the ladies as I was outside when they rolled up. I greeted Raye and told her I was excited to see the new set. Yea this was not my first night with the rockstar. Remember "Last Night I.......". She looked so stunning, even being all covered up in her overcoat. She is exactly what sexy is in 2009. Don't fuck with it if you can't handle it......

The ladies walked through us as they made their way to the stage. As I looked around at all of the turned on faces, I couldn't help but notice all of the women present. I watched nipples peculate. Lips being bit. Sweat and other moist secretions be created. I love the cross gender affection of our generation. There is nothing sexier than the essence of a sexy woman being sexy.

They begin.....we are all turned on. Most become jealous as one of us is chosen to part take in the foursome live on stage. Raye 6 does not do shows.....she creates experiences. As Raye's voice controls the air, we float deeper and deeper into her seduction. The Gods have blessed her with their sound. Our souls are bound to her voice. It is a helpless force once to the ear.....no control over it.....absolutely nothing you can do about it....you're helpless.....who's complaining......?

The night continues and at this point we are all engulfed in each other. Sexual seduction is at a peak.....tonight does not have to be over, but this show is coming to an end. An end only due to a new beginning for her virgins. You should definitely come join satisfaction. Bad is the new good, she'll prove it. Leave all of your inhibitions with tradition. This is that new shit. Her name is Raye 6. Come fucke with her....no protection....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

While listening to Ibe's latest beat..........

Who is it that determines success…..is it you? No. Repeat after me……ME. I determine. If I left it to niggas they would never respond to first email. I have to be a persistent bastard. I ask my dad for advice. He’s always right, but he’s also in his late 40s. He couldn’t get Theophilus more than he could spell it. But like I said he’s right. Im just left. Friends I grew up with all I say I left. I still live in The Bronx, how far have I gone. That’s just the physical though. Mentally…I’ve been gone. Nigga we could tape our separate conversations for 2 weeks and not have one thing that we both said match. Don’t blame me. Blame existence. That’s all I’m doing….existing……

I put my heart on my sleeve and my mind in my wallet. Some get to toy with it. They see it there and cant believe its so visible. They think im different for it. I am different, but it aint because of that. They play with my heart and I allow it…..hoping for something. Something to take it off my sleeve and place it next to theirs……but. No one does that. They see it lying there and they grab it and throw it and catch it. Its crazy….they think my heart is a bouncing ball. I allow it till play time is over. When that happens, they usually get mad. They say I’ve changed. No….my brain just came out of my wallet. Now it is your loss. You fucking mistake a heart for a bouncing ball. Idiot. Now leave…….

This physical shit is irrelevant. Skin dies and re-grows. You’ll never speak the same of your soul. I am so pissed with bullshit. And I am the Taurus. Taurean is what she wanted us to call me. I have no complaints, but it does get annoying repeating the same word over and over to the guy saying Toreen. If my name was Toreen, I would of said Toreen. But no you heard Taurean. Address me as such. Is there a place where there is no you or me….and just us……we….them…..I hope…..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Once Upon a Time In America: Sean John Combs.....

Great interview with Sean John Combs. This is not your average Q & A for some major publication. Barry Michael Cooper…writer of New Jack City, appreciates and understands something different about Puff. He looks at the man behind all of the titles and accomplishments. BMC goes into the man….the process…..the thoughts….the ideas. We are able to witness Puff outside of Viacom and it is very interesting…….

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Anyone who knows me….well anyone who knows me on a personal-business level. Dam its funny….as I write this I realize that there are so many people that are close to me, yet don’t know the real me. And as I’ve been meeting and connecting with people, I feel like they have a better sense of who I am as oppose to some of the people who have known me for years. It’s funny and it’s not funny. I have had some let’s just say interesting moments in time wondering why this is or wishing it was different. Ok back on…lol. With dealing with anything, from music, writing, modeling, sex, and mostly anything else I am involved in,I am so into the emotional aspect of it. If you can reach someone’s emotions then you made that connection. And I’m all about that connection. You can sing ya ass off, but if you can’t connect with an audience, then what are you doing?

I say this to say that I have come across an amazing female. Her name is Shyvonne. I have known Shyvonne for a minute through working with Mickey Factz and seeing her around at events here and there. I knew she could sing and wanted to fuck with her (not like that, although she is dope as hell and I wouldn’t mind….), but this video of her singing Gnarls Barkley’s CRAZY……smfh. In the video, which is dated Sept 25, 08, she is singing through a video camera. This is not a studio rendition recreated and mastered. This is just her, Melo-X the God, and pure passion. I have wiped tears from my eyes listening to this. Shyvonne is the epitome of a soulful, passionate voicestress. Listen to her and don’t be afraid to join in her emotions. Just let go and vibe out…….

Gen Now Event....Tonight...

Raye 6, A-Alikes & Megabone

March 17th @ FAT BABY
112 Rivington
Manhattan,New York

Doors 8:30pm
Showtime 9:30 pm
$6 cover

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pianist........

wrote this while watching the beginnings of The Pianist.....

My heart romps with fear of love. For to love anyone during this wretched time is God awful. You asked a man in a wheelchair to stand and when he didn't you tossed him out of a window. Told his family to run off and then you shot them down with your machine guns. I watched a man attempt to rob a woman of her food. In the tussle it fell to the floor....he jumped to the ground and began eating it from the pavement. She wept and beat him with what lil energy she had left from the tussling. We walk over dead bodies in the street on a daily basis. And with this all we still try to keep our hopes and spirits. Some of us even have plans on getting out, if there ever really is a getting out. I watched them go from building to building until they finally came to mine. They killed one woman that night. She asked him where were they taking us……

We are all set out awaiting in the hot sun.....for what, we do not know. But a woman did carry her dead son around who died of dehydration. After some time her cries became annoying to some. We're as used to pain and death as this sun. For breakfast and lunch and hopefully not dinner we eat a piece of sliced caramel. Today the train came. They forced them into cattle-like cars. I did not experience this; I only witnessed it, as I did not get on the train. I went back to town only to find everyone left was slaughtered. I was chosen to be a part of the militia. Have you ever watched the lives of souls being taken one by one and wonder what does the next guy feel, or what about the last guy who gets to wait for the reload. I am free, yet we are at war.......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Saddens Me....

Since my heart cant love you. My mind tells me to hate you. My body plays the middleman. It gets pulled this and that way. But never your way. You just stand there watching. I hear what you say. But then I watch you as you leave. My mind becomes stronger. My heart becomes heavy. And I lay there. You don’t want what you say you do. It never shows. It doesn’t exist. I no longer hear you at this point. I see you smile. Smiling is a sign of happiness. Are you happy? Have I brought joy to your days? Or is it what I have done that brings you joy? This saddens me……

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hear me out......

I know I aint perfect, but I’m dam past good. I definitely do dirt, but at the same time I wish I had someone who could prove to me that it aint worth it. And I don’t need anyone to talk to me. I just need someone worth it. Someone who could really listen to me. And really fuck with me. Not fuck with me because I’m different from your exes. It aint easy but understand me. Then we could over stand the world together. I’m a part of Generation Now…..my future is here. I just wish you were too. Yea I’ve been drinking. I’m a pussy with emotions when I’m sober. I just feel like Kanye seemed to find a dope ass female. Where is Amber of T? I had females who swore up and down they were here for me. Know what fucked them up…..my gut. I don’t feel what’s not being felt. Come lay with me and lets shut the fuck up for an hour. Listen to me. And I aint weird, Im just Taurean.

Where are you? I swear I possibly see you everyday, but it’s only a glimpse. I know I need glasses because my right eye’s vision is blurry, but god dam. My left eye is good enough for it to seem like I have 20/20. Truth is I aint seen nothing worth it in their 20s. But truth is I’m lying. And now you don’t trust me. Time is up…..I have to go. I’m never gonna finish this.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Biggie Day...!!!!

If you’re on twitter, you would feel like today is a national holiday. The Biggie Day tweets have been on blast since early this morning....no like @iamdiddy has been on it since the wee hours seriously. Fuck it…..Hip Hop runs this shit globally, so its an international holiday. Rock ya B.I.G. shirt today. Recite your favorite verses. Talk shit with the homies about how fly BIG was. Throw on a fucking coogi if you want. Blast Ready to Die from your cubicle. Today it’s all good.

Happy Biggie Day……

Gen Now Event....Tonight...

The God Melo-X will be reshaping Hip Hop's modern show tonight @ The Blender Theater. Make sure youre there....I will..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Talkshow T.....

Talkshow T is what they’re gonna call me. Im gonna be blogging on some interesting topics for a lil while now. Mostly dealing with the other gender…lol. Females…..Females….Females…..

1st One…..Why do females (early – mid/late 20s) get the epiphany that they should be acting older than they are. Key word here is “act”. Don’t get me wrong, we all should mature at certain levels in our lives, but it’s always the same things. Females in that age bracket always have something new with them that’s suppose to symbolize their maturity. But all that shit is immature to me. Funny thing is, most females call a lot of guys immature for not being into the “new” things. Examples…..

Why do females feel that “its time” for them to be in a relationship? Ok I get that you want more in terms of dealing with guys, but you don’t control shit. You get so caught up in wanting a relationship that it becomes all you look for. Guy comes after guy and if he’s not the “relationship type”, then he’s gone. Now here comes a guy who looks like he can be that guy and you fall for him. You fall only to realize later on, that he only appeared to be “the one”. And now you’re upset and bitter, because you put all this effort into false shit. If it were up to you, you would have the man of your dreams….but this shit aint up to you. Relax…enjoy life. Chances are you’re not gonna find the guy who fulfills your list, but if you open up to life, you may realize how much you really like the guy who only fulfills half the list; And that the rest of the list doesn’t even matter anyway.

Besides, we hate dealing with females who are bitter, due to them falling for “full list guy”…..lol