Tuesday, September 22, 2009


*i wrote this the night of the VMAs.......
Real recognize and u lookin familiar.  By now people should know I'm riding with Kanye on this one.  It wasn't the best shit he cud of done, but he's got a point.  He didn't steal her moment.  She's up there talkin bout she sings country, while the song is pop as hell.  She is another manufactured pop moment. And she is 19, which means she is a grown ass woman.  Running backstage to cry over your VMA moment....FOH.  I rather cry for the lil girls who'll never get a record deal cause the labels only sign recreations of fake pop shit like Taylor.

When u deal with true artists and u put them in the same circles as "pop" stars, then wanna place them over the true artists, what the hell do u expect?  Its like being at a HS talent show and over and over they reward these half ass talents over true art.  Somebody is bound to say something.  Everybody pointing their finger at Kanye cause its easy to point the finger at the black man.  There is a deeper problem going on.  As real artists start to understand that these corporations aint shit, more and more people will start backlashing.

Fuck kanye ova Taylor Swift?  No fuck you Taylor Swift and the Viacom horse u rode in on.  People liked the song.  Fuck that…people like Milli Vanilli too.

Crazy that shit like this still goes on today....

When I see things like this, it definitely brings me back to a humble place.  There are alot of things that I  complain about, but my freedom is not one of them.  And to have your freedom taken away from you for killing your oppressor is one hard pill to swallow.  Sarah Kruzan has been swallowing her pill since she was 16.  At 29 sentenced to life without parole, theres a long road ahead of her before she can be done with that pill.  This shit really sucks.  Welcome to fucking America, where we kill em slowly while theyre still kids.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This aint the morning....that's the sun going down. This is the beauty before the beast. Wondering who's gonna be Belle tonight. Man I live in the hood hope there aint another Sean Bell tonight. Cops suppose to be ya friend, that aint no friend of me. More like an enemy. Oh I'm wrong, well then call em my frenemy....word to Jimmy. I swear yall don't understand the young black man's plight. I been stopped wearing baggy jeans. But now the thugs wear em tight....I still aint ight. Even the ones with the glasses only see one brother. And it aint just them, I heard some ol heads talking down on us too....word to mother. Speaking this and that about our generation...like we aint the future they the ones we replacing. Want credit but don't wanna give respect and vice-versa. Your lessons are our lessons and remember....vice-versa. Your pride done aged into a mule......jackass. Am I trying to be funny? Why ask? Bet you thinking I'm a smart ass.....You're right. But I'm so much more than that if you got to know me. I'm creative..funny..and can do anything if you just show me. We don't have to run these parallel lines across from each other. Ill turn right here, if you could turn left for a brother. Not look down but uplift your lil brother. Think about how proud we'll make our mother. Whoever that may be....but the point is we're family. Don't blood run through your veins like mine. You blink like I do....two of the same kind. They say is love is love and that's real with no signed paper. I'm living Generation Now....we fell in love with our neighbors.

..pic by blakcars