Friday, October 30, 2009

No Title......just real talk...

Alright now.....this ish has gotten out of hand.  I don't know if its because their daddys left them or what, but these rappers really believe that who ever signs them becomes the new daddy.  These rappers are starting to piss me off.  I listened to Beanie Siegel diss record towards Hov.  I'm not putting that nonsence on here, so yall gonna have to do your own due diligence on that one.  Its just sad.  These over 30 rappers with families to support have no real love for the game.  I'm starting to think Nas was right more and more these Hip Hop dead?  I don't know how you could say fuck a man publicly through song and then say its not a diss.  Jay Z is the reason why I even know Bean's name in the 1st place.  It also kills me how rappers get mad at their bosses for not coming to see them in jail.  I promise they didn't have that same attitude towards their white bosses at their "regular" jobs.  My momma told me a long time ago, she does not do jail.  If I....I wish "I" had more letters so I cud specify it more but ok....If I did whatever crime to get behind bars, then the only person I can blame is the first person I see when I look in the mirror.  And on top of that Beans did a year and a day.  You talk all this gangster talk, a year should have been a cake-walk for you.
It really gets to me, because when I walk around my hood, these are the people who my young brothers look up to and lifestyles they imitate.  And then they not even real.  How are you a real man, talking bout there’s stuff that you could tell B that will make her look at you different right now (referring to a line in the song).  It’s wack man.  These rappers have fucked up society.  And of course Im not referring to all rappers, but yes the majority.  I watched the BET Hip Hop Awards in disgust.   How can we support that garbage?  A bunch of buffoons jumping around on stage with cheap ass jewelry on.  How I know, because at every award show somebody’s medallion falls off or their chain pops.  This time it was Plies.   

I don’t know what we’re gonna do, but this has got to change.  Im not getting Bill Cosby on my brothers, but I can not get with people who will go to the death for something negative, but wont turn a cheek for something positive any longer.  And I have friends that I know from child-hood…..we gonna start knowing less and less of each other.  If you aint about change, then you about the same, and I’ve been big on progression.  Its time I start doing my part to add to it.  Its really about time we all start doing our part.  Not like Spike Lee calling Tyler Perry’s movies coonery.  Im talking becoming the 1st Black President kind of moving…..cause a lot of us have forgotten how we felt in November.  And here we are knocking on November’s door again.  This aint the time for amnesia!  And everybody don’t have to be a leader… fact we need more followers.  We need more followers for education.  We need more followers for peace.  We need more followers for love.  We need more followers for God.  We need more followers for us.  I don’t know how much time we got left here on earth but I have a niece and a nephew who deserve to live in a great world.  Im gonna have children who deserve to see the best of us.  I’ll work overtime today, so that they could see that tomorrow.  Obama has been talking about change for over a year now.  We all heard it…..lets start doing it!


ahlot said...

Understood. We do need God...and most of all, we need to KNOW that. After that, doing right will simply become part of our nature. I'm excited about you taking this step forward. The best way to change the world is to start with SELF. Love God. Thanks for this.

Good Life said...

>Ahlot...thank you for always throwing a positive word my way. They werent in vain.