Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now playing.....Love

Is there a place where real love exists?  The more meaningful love that comes after the first time u say it cause you know u more than like them.  Is there really a feeling that no matter what she does, I’ll accept it.  I already accept her, but do I love her beyond me?  Do I see her days past me with no judgment in my heart?  I see her and hope for such things.  I watch love on reels and wonder could I make it real.  I believe its possible, but them dam movies make it so interesting.  They're at the perfect location and sure you can do that in real life, but how could you manage the dam music and different camera  I want love like I need love.  Part of me have been waiting for love for years.  Just wake up next to eachother and stay in bed for a lil bit.  We both holding our pee, cause we don't wanna leave eachother.  And we slept with the window cracked so its freezing outside of these blankets.

For once in my life I want something Hollywood.  Yes...give me that Hollywood love.  Give me that driving down the coast in a drop-top with the wind blowing through my lady's hair.  Give me the rain scene with me in my trench coat waiting outside of my love's building.  Give me all of those Hollywood scenes with my fair cuts....straight action.  And no directors either.  And no cameramen.  Just us playing our supporting roles in the presence of love.  Now all I need is a date for the screening.

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Juicy4u said...

I read this a couple weeks ago. I read it over and over. I think we all want that. I want that. For 15 years I thought I already did, but somebody yelled, "Cut!" and the scene was over. But there's this element of fear that we don't wanna confront, pain. When your heart feels pain, it's hard to explain in words. It's unbearable at times, some people commit suicide, some go insane.

I hope you find it.....this "Hollywood" love.