Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a Night.......

What a night……Woke up at 8AM this morning, mind you I start work at 8….smh. The show was Gen Now dope. Actually met up with JB3 at the train station. Good talk on the way to the show….cant wait to work with the boi aka The Soul.

So I get to the show, but the fucking bouncer didn’t even wanna let me in. My license is expired and faded ridiculously. You cant read anything on it…..I know I gotta get a new one. But I do have my job ID with my bday on it and that’s been working for me since April….smh. This fucker wouldn’t accept it. At first he says its because my job id doesn’t have my bday on it, but after I show him he’s like “oh, but you still need a state id”. Pissed the fuck off at this point, because now he’s playing. Don’t tell me its because of “A” and then gonna bring up “B” and fucking “C”. I pulled out my bank card, voter registration card, and he was still being a dick. And this is not even a midtown urban spot or a swanky meatpacking district spot. We are on Ave B……come on…!!!!

A nice young lady did pull me aside before I went too far and really wouldn’t be able to get in. Shout out to Kiera. She was like “you better get over here before you really miss the show”. That’s why I love my generation and culture. She didn’t know me from shit, but still felt the need to look out. That’s what Generation Now is about…..Real Love for Us. But back to the night. The manager comes out and theres no problem. We all walk right in and now Im happy…lol. See Mr. Mickey Factz before heading downstairs. We discuss the album a bit. Ibe has about 4 joints on there….so crazy! Jesse kicks off the show and rocks it. Didn’t do one of my favorites from The Beauty Created… “Come to My Room” but he’s shooting the video for it this weekend and it will be directed by my Gen Now partner Luduh. After Jesse and TBC finishes, Melo comes on and tears it down. He brought out Mickey, Nicki , and the great Theophilus London. Dooope show. Its always great to be surrounded by my Gen Now peers.

After the show headed off to catch Ibe at the Thompson Hotel. Chopped it up with Luduh, Emcee Don (he’s not really an emcee), Nunnie from Rockstar Society, and lost and found rapper Emcee Nova. Great talks + great music + great liquor = a great night….!

Shout out to Generation Now

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Beautiful Renaissance...Melo X and JB3 tonight....

Bring ya ass out tonight to Rehab 25 Ave B, NY

The God MeloXtra and JB3 The Soul will be tearing it doooooown tonight!

Doors open @ 8pm
Show Starts @ 9pm


Music by DJ Will Gates

This is also a birthday celebration for Jesse Boykins III

Generation Now....

Monday, February 23, 2009

My sis hit me back.....

Hey T thanks for the shout out. I really needed sharing my experience with world gave me the strength to work even harder. T you didn't finish school but no matter what mommy said or anybody else you followed ur heart and did what you wanted to do. I admire you for that...I remember your face at the playoffs last year yelling from the stands telling me to stay on my man (well girl) and jumping up out ur seat when I got my and 1. Those were some of my best moments seeing the expressions on ur face. T I’m thankful to have you as my brother. You kept my butt in line and when I got out of line you made sure to put me back in. I love you so much. So you go out and model with your fine known designers and I’ll bounce a ball in my fine basketball kicks lol. Thanks T love you.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tempestt and I.....

I wanted to take some time out to give my sister props. She is one of the strongest females I know. I respect her and admire her a lot. From not playing basketball until high school to becoming captain of her college team and now pursuing playing ball over seas is sooo dope to me. Its funny, we was just discussing how we kind of switched roles from growing up where I was the ball player and she was getting into modeling. Now its the other way

For the past couple of years my sister has had a bad knee. She was a dancer growing up, played basketball and ran cross-country in both high school and now college, so the knee has been through its fair share of activity. Recently my sister Tempestt had to undergo surgery, which has her in a brace for about 3-4 months. We're now in the 2nd month and I swear I haven't heard Tempestt complain about shit. She went from not being able to leave the house for weeks to making it back to classes. She's not able to physically play on the team, but she's been out there recruiting. I fucking love my sister. I remember years ago when I was still hooping, I had her on the court doing defensive she's talking to me about breaking her school's records. It’s crazy….!

She's an incredible woman. I never had to worry about her doing hoe-ish shit. She represents herself and our family well. She has dreams and I'll do my best to see that she lives them. And I’m sure she could handle that without me, but hey....I'm her older brother....

Hey Temp....I never even call you Just wanna say I'm proud of you and keep your dam thing. I know you'll be back on the court soon and like you say....."I'm gonna kill".....go do ya thing sis. I love you and I'm here for anything.....even though I'll rather watch the Fashion Week shows and you NBA ya…

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gordon I used to like you......

Fuck smile in my face then spit on my back. You don't give a fuck about me. I am but a number in an equation to you and God forbid the numbers don't come out in my favor.... You don't understand, so you don't know, so why should I care? Fuck a recession, God knows no financial down-time. You have no passion in your abilities, there for you try to bring me down. Fuck your position, I am a career. There is no application. No screening process. Fuck your prerequisites. You want a degree, check the weather. I am man built and God sent. You ain’t see me before, for damn sure ain’t seeing me in the future, so why would I look familiar now? And you shouldn't if you could. I think, eat, and breathe Taurean......and your name is? And your company name is......? I bet yall down-sizing right now too right? Kiss the asses of all those who you let go.......

I heard I should be lucky since I haven't smelled the gasoline. Fuck you, that smell ain’t foreign. I'm cool this time around, but Sooner or Later.......fuck with N.E.R.D. if you don't already. It all comes crashing down when the fuckers who are suppose to be holding you down do nothing but literally hold you down. Get your motherfucking hands off of Its obvious, in the plan for your business, I'm not mentioned. There is no section for leaders. Attention all brilliant motherfuckers......We are not welcomed here! I'm not asking you to join me. Join us......those who see the difference. We who know, but more importantly, we who will. Fuck this bullshit dome they built. On Tuesday, I'm handing out rocks at 9AM sharp and probably won't be done till around........5 fucking PM. Welcome to your new 9-5 interns. Don't like the word intern, then never stop throwing rocks at the leader......

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wanna sit and talk.....

Not really sure what to write about…..there’s so much going on. I am literally involved in changing the world. It’s definitely not just me. I’m surrounded by so many great people. I’m also currently considering a huge move. It’s one of those moves that can really turn out great or really turn out bad. The uncertainty of it is kind of attractive. I’m listening to Radiohead and I swear it isn’t helping…lol. Radiohead puts you in that freedom zone. Like I always imagine listening to great music roaming across the globe and taking in incredible sights. I don’t know what to do. I’m going to call my pops. He offers great advice. I’m sure he’s gonna mention my job, because if I do take this opportunity, my day job is finito. Not that I love my job, but in this economy its tough…..FYI I hate the way I just came across….talking about the economy in opposition to what I want to do….smh. Sometimes you just gotta live life….this opportunity came my way. Who am I not to fuck with it? I don’t control this shit. I’m just a being. Why am I worrying about shit that doesn’t exist outside society? That’s why I love animals….not in a PETA way, but in an admiring way. Animals don’t worry about jobs, time, jealousy….they just live. Aint that what Generation Now is about? Doing what we feel. Living how we want, as opposed to what they suggest. Not gonna front….I’m a lil scared, but its more excitement than fear. Shit fear is False Encounters About Reality anyway. SMH a million times……don’t know what I’m going to do. Almost 3PM….I’ve been at work since 6AM, its time to go. Generation Now…..I love being a Blak Car….

..pic by blakcars

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week of Raye....Mixtape Release Party Tonight...!

Finally here….L.ove I.s P.owerfully S.exy….The Mixtape Release Party & Performance…

You have to RSVP at for the location.

Here's some words from Raye 6 herself......

"Friday the 13th was a muthafucka! I saw JASON last night. Now it's time for you to come see Raye 6 tonight! Let's Celebrate LOVE.."

Valentine’s Day with Raye 6...gonna be a wild night...smh...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Week of Raye....

Week of Raye…. continues….It’s Friday the 13th and we have another Raye 6 event tonight. It takes place at Uncle Mike’s @ 57 Murray Street. You can still RSVP at

I posted this a while ago but since this is The Week of Raye…. I'm bringing it back...

Here is Raye 6’s latest EPK….

Road to Model.....

I had a casting with Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold from GNL Studios last night. This was my first casting, so I was a lil nervous. I actually walked in with Dennis, which was good because I was definitely walking in the wrong direction before he stopped me and said, “the casting is down here”. Inside it was crazy......everyone was in there with their big portfolios and shit. Some of them knew each other from their agencies. Can't front it was a lil intimidating, but you gotta keep your confidence. Shit, we all filled out the same dam paper. After wiping the massive beads of sweat surrounding my head and face it was my turn. I hand the girl my book and inform her that I'm just 2 months in. She smiles and I walk up to Dennis who is doing the shooting. I stand in front of the white backdrop holding my paper up and he takes 2 shots then tells me to turn to the side and takes a couple more. He then asks me to smile.…..the first one was too pretentious and he asks me to take another. I give him a more authentic one and he agrees saying “that’s more like it”. And that's it. Steven, the other photographer was going over my book and he commented on of the pics before handing it back to me. I proceed to grab my things, throw my readers on, put my on my headphones, thank everyone, and head out the door. But as I’m walking out, Dennis stops me and asks can he shoot me as is. I figured hell yea, especially since I didn’t know what kind of impression I left on them. I'm guessing it was the readers….lol, but we take a few more shots, I thank them again and proceed to head out the door, but before I leave the young lady there says I remind her of someone but she doesn’t know who. No problem to me I was saying to myself. Shit any publicity in there was good publicity to me.

In all, it was a good experience. I definitely look forward to more. Hopefully I’ll be a lot cooler and wont be sweating like crazy….naw….anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sweater…lol. I can’t help it….

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week of Raye....Tonight...

Tonight it’s going down @ Santos Party House located 96 Lafayette St….NY
You can still RSVP to for a reduced $10 Admission
Bring ya ass out tonight to Santos.....come have a drink with me...

From F is the new E

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The blogger Answers.....

Here is my response to the comment. Click HERE to read the comment made by dominantintelligence

According to you I should be doing a lot of googleling….lol. First, you’re speaking on Barack’s politics. I didn’t and choose not to speak on his politics. When I refer to Barack and the people, I’m talking about the wave of inspiration, hope, and motivation he has sparked. Again people across the world are motivated to do SOMETHING. So many people have been living dormant for a long time waiting for something or someone to kick them in the ass. I’m not praising Barack as the second coming, but I do recognize what he has done. And if you’re going to speak on America’s karma and that has you afraid to believe or agree with change, then that’s just unfortunate. America’s karma (whatever that is) is no different from the karma of humans (whatever that may be). My point is you’re speaking on something that does not exist. We can sit back and label a bunch of shit America’s karma, the same way we could label shit the karma of humans, or you could just live life. And then there’s Stockholm syndrome…. I really have no comment for this one, except for the fact that I believe you’re assuming I’m just caught up in the hype. Well if hype creates shit, then I’m hyped the fuck up…..

Week of Raye....Best 5 Songs...

So like I said this week is “The Week of Raye…..” And I got some cool, interesting, and definitely sexy words from Raye 6 herself. Valentine’s Day is this weekend. A lot of love and emotions are floating around. It’s a good time…..So I asked Raye 6 to hit us with her best 5 songs that gets her in the mood, and she even explained why. And then she even blesses us with her own special menu for a good night. Dope shit…..

1.Hollywood by SA-RA: it's just so funky and nasty you can be anyone you want to be for your man or woman...

2. Adore by Prince: he's a king so he knows how to make a woman feel like a queen "until the end of time, i'll be there for you" Prince will make you feel like you not lovin' hard enough and then next thing you know you and your partner will be fucking and crying at the same time!

3.Meet Me by Raye 6: the verses are about pleasing yourself while on the phone with your partner and the hook "oooh oh ooh oh" is kinda like a cry of desperation! Words can't explain how I feel so i'm just screaming on the hook!

4.Crown Royal by Jill Scott: let's be never heard Jill talk like that on a track! She likes to sugarcoat sex talk but not on this one! "Ya diesel Mangine I'm squirting mad oil on!" how nasty is that! I love it! You heard her! She said "I flip Shit" And SO DO I!

5. What You Give by A-Alikes: Some rappers don't think they're sexy when they spit on most tracks but this is one of the sexiest cadence's I've heard ever..and Bilal on the hook! Damn! The beat just has you doing things you forgot you could do!

Here's my menu for a good night: Baby oil (don't be afraid to get messy!) Patron, Smoke machine(yea i said it! we go in!), Candles and flashing lights! and protection of course! And if you really want to get freaky..Leave some options open if you know what I mean!

Uh oh.....1st opposing comment....

This is from the Hey Mr. KRS.... post.

dominantintelligence said...
This whole situation is bigger and deeper than race and Obama. He did forgo big bucks to work in public housing but he also voted for the 2007 global poverty act. Google it dont take my word for it. This black man raised more money than his democrate and republican counter-parts combined. He owes some favors. The US is a corporation not a country. Google that too. Corporations have their best interest in mind and not necessarily the employees. (the people)The drama is coming to the US because of Karma not Obama or whoever else fills that position. The face of imperialism is now black. I guess it is better to get the high, hard one from someone who looks like you. Stockholm syndrome. Google that too.

February 9, 2009 7:21 PM

I'll be commenting back in a lil, but wow...Stockholm

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Central Park Shots........

Im gonna add some writing to these when I get a sec.....

From F is the new E

From F is the new E

From F is the new E

From F is the new E

From F is the new E

From F is the new E

The Week of Raye.....

I know I’ve said and been running with Gen, but there has been a change. A change for the better I might add. From this point on I nor anyone else for that matter shall announce this brewing revolution as Generation Art or Gen…..we shall all refer to it as……GENERATION NOW. From now on I will be shedding light on Gen Now by highlighting different events surrounding Gen Now, different people throughout Gen Now, what the hell Gen Now actually is, and so forth. This week I’m just gonna go ahead and title this week “The week of Raye…..”. My loving dear will be having THREE shows this week all leading up to the release of her beautifully titled mixtape….L.I.P.S. (Love Is Powerfully Sexy). The first event is this Wednesday February 11th @ Santos

From F is the new E

Then there’s Friday @ Uncle Mike’s

From F is the new E

And then there’s The Mixtape Release Party @ a Secret Location….gotta rsvp for that

From F is the new E

Also gotta highlight by boy Brandon aka Streetinkz. He did the flyer for the Mixtape Release Party. He’s a talented dude. Yall aint see the half of what he could do…..

Here’s a lil something till next time……

From F is the new E

this is hanging on his wall....dopeness....!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey Mr. KRS......

Let me start with this…….I am in no way coming at KRS and what he has done for Hip Hop. He has the utmost respect from me and will always, but after viewing this video and hearing his words…over 9 mins worth. I’ve heard enough to form an opinion and this is my dam blog. I’m not really into the disclaimer shit, because I feel it takes away from true shit, but I do understand the magnitude in which a lot of people view this man. And with that said……here’s the video and my words will follow….

I’m not gonna speak on the freestyle. I’m only sticking to the words from KRS off-stage. I understand sometimes you have to use words just to rhyme. That is not the case with just speaking….

First of all, for any black man to have anything negative to say outside of a personal experience with Barack Obama, you got to be out of your fucking mind. It’s the same guys who preach that we need black leaders for today and then when they’re not the ones picked as the leader, they have all of this negative shit to say. I remember Jesse’s on air antics, calling Barack an “Uncle Tom” and then gonna cry like a baby when he’s elected. KRS you’re not too far from the tree. You’re against Barack because he is a politician….WTF. How else do you become President of The United States? Saying a politician is a politician. That’s the same attitude that has kept racist fuckers saying a black man is black man. You can’t just keep fighting just to fight. There has been battles and will continue to be battles, but you must also recognize when and how to fight. KRS, you bring up issues of the past. A man today cannot win a lost battle yesterday. I don’t care who you are. These are times of NOW. I’ve witnessed HUMANS embrace Barack and EACHOTHER. You speak of Martin Luther King, but this is his dream. Martin didn’t say he wanted equality for just black people. He said he wanted equality for all mankind. This is a man who is for the people, and as you said, if Barack is truly for the people there will be opposition. KRS-ONE you are the opposition. Don’t tell me you never voted before, but you voted in this election so that you can critique. You waited for a black man to become a Presidential nominee to exercise your right to critique? What is your purpose? You’re so stuck in yesterday’s article; you can’t see the headlines of today. You don’t get into emotional politics. This is what we need in politicians….some dam emotions! When Barack speaks, we feel him. Last week I was at my man Oun-P’s crib…..shout out to Oun and we got into a conversation on how Barack gives us the confidence and belief that we could really achieve whatever the fuck we want……WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT! And we were just 6-10 young black men in one room in a South Bronx apartment. Now think about all the other young black men that feel the same way we do. Now think about all the other young black women who feel the same way. Now think about all the young people across the globe that feel the same way we do. You dam right there’s a revolution brewing. In fact there’s a few of them. I’m a part of Generation And wait… moms got Barack hanging up on her wall. I watched a grandfather take his granddaughter to the inauguration and couldn’t hold back the tears because seeing a dream unfold was just too dam emotional. Think about the ones who endured growing up during the Martin days and then had to turn around and raise families with beliefs of a change is gonna come. Think about how they feel. You saw the footage of cheering humans across the globe when Barack got elected. Think about how they feel. Think about how we all feel and then reconsider your stance. KRS you are a great soldier and we truly need strength like you, but come join us in our battle of today. You want political prisoners free….lets do it then. You want to put an end to police brutality….lets do it then. Barack is one man, but we are many. And he gave us something great that we carry with us everyday of our lives……..YES WE CAN…..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My ladies…..My lovely Gen ladies......Im so on my Gen shit right now. The beautiful ladies of the blog Boys + Clothes have stepped it up another notch. No it aint another dope blog posting. No not this time. The ladies have gone print……..! Round of applause to the Gen Art.ers. Boys + Clothes have gone into publication and has released their first issue….
Phase One….The Good Guys Edition

Check me out on Page 24 rocking that BSIXTEE6! And no Im not saying who I was talking about either.....


Its been a while since Ive “been back”… But since Im really back this time and Ive been gone for soooo long. Some appreciated readers have expressed their concerns about whats going on with the blog. Well um…..ive been a lil busy. I am changing the world. And also currently listening to the latest creation by…….I wanna call him so many things right now, so Im just gonna call him…..Ibe. Ibe is a producer that I mange. Ibe also told me this morning that Mickey Factz already picked the beat. Made yesterday, tomorrow its gone. I told yall I am changing the world. Also please excuse any arrogant undertones in my writing this afternoon. This beat got me in a zone. The zone is so so Generation Art. For those who don’t know who or what Generation Art is. Look it up….naw Google aint even got that one yet. Gen Art is today. Gen Art is the calumniation of artists in this generation that’s ready for the revolution. And trust…..the revolution will not be televised. It will be streamed motherfucker. I wanna go in on some writing, which I haven’t done in a minute. I swear I wish yall could hear this beat right now. Its so adding to the ambience. And this writing is all freestyle by the way. Straight from locked in current thoughts at the moment…….LETS GO….

Gen Art… art and yours if youre that cool. Not their cool. Put on ya readers and feel alive. I see through fuckers. Im thinking about fucking. I got a girl now. Go figure with a figure. I know some aint gonna like that, but like me I don’t give a fuck. Im starting to only wear 3 jeans every week I think. And a few shirts……cause I love fashion. I even started modeling to capture the moment. Im so in love with my culture, I feel like Im cheating. I feel so alive in this current. I remember reading SteveO’s “Words By” before the new year and seeing everybody talking like they were down. Down about the establishment and feeling everyone is fake. I seen a culture ready for a lution. So here I am…..Here we are. Ftharest…..shouts to my crew in Jersey. That’s their mantra. See we crossing seas. But no literally Theophilus has a UK tour coming up. Right this second, but actually I had to take a 15 minute break from writing to chop it up with a fellow Gen See we met on twitter cause we seen we both follow the same people and then thought eachother’s words sounded dam familiar. We exchanged gmails to keep the lution brewing and now Im back to writing. I wanna say something to make us join up even more, but I see it happening. I feel the Obama love in my state of union. Spoke with MeloXTRA earlier today. He’s down with the collection. Oh yea….The Collection is going down. Thanks to Ibe we will be hearing some of the dopest Gen Art.ers go in over the beautiful creations of Ibe. Speaking of beautifully created, if I don’t cop that Beauty Created by fellow Gen JB3…..that’s Jesse Boykins III ya’ll…..I think I might hurt myself. I took my homegirl to one of his many shows and she bought one on the spot. I don’t know why I didn’t get one then, but its all good. JB3 will be on the pod tonight. If not… could kill me……Im living life so much, I have some to spare. And yes the beat is still playing. Repeat that shit…….Repeat that shit! That’s the chant right there…lol. Good words in a short period of time….it feels good. But I gotta hit Luduh up. More Gen shit in the works. For real tho, I think I like Gen better than Gen Art….hahaha. Yea that’s what Im gonna use…..Play with your own squishy…..!!!! ……should I spell check?…..Naw what the fuck for! You know what I mean…….Im a Gen! Few more words as the beat plays out. I wanna end our ride together! And here it is….on que

Oh yea.....pic above..created and taken by ya Gen