Thursday, November 19, 2009


pic by Ibe Soliman

You think you ready for what’s behind these doors? Nigga you think you could take that shit? This aint door #16 bruh. I hope u know that. You need some time to think about what youre about to do or you good? Oh you good nigga huh? Aint no good nigga shit back there tho….hope you know that again. Let me ask u something……what u doing round these parts anyway? What u had a bad night? What you mad about something? Oh they aint kick your ball over the fence, so now u think u ready to play in the big park…..with the big boys huh. I gotta tell ya, there's more wolves than boys tho. Teeth tear through flesh like it aint even there. But u ready tho…..hold on right there. I’ll be right back to let you in.

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