Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where the fuck do they sell hard hats at.......

shot by Curtis Reese

They want you to man up.  Gotta show growth in this world.  What are you becoming if u haven't learned anything?  And its fuck the cool minority too. You know the ones that became your new majority.  You gotta surpass them niggas too.  Them niggas be cool in their own situations and that aint got nothing to do with you.  It aint even pressure if you think about it.  Cause the shit seem so easy every time u read about it.  With these blogs n twitter you can't tell me nothing.  I already see what it is.  When niggas said u gotta make ya own lane.  They did not mention u gotta find a location. map it out. break ground. actually create a paved road. then add the dam lines.  I gotta admit I came outside with a metrocard n found myself in the middle of nowhere.  A million things to do yet I ask myself what I'm gonna do now.  Life doesn't give time outs for its questions. So here I am.  I never made a skelzie board before but I think I'm gonna give this road thing a try.  Now…..where the fuck do they sell hard hats at…?

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